Himalayan Salt - Tea Light Star Shape (2.5 inches, 3.5 lbs.) Best Gift Item


ApexGlobal strictly sources from the Himalayan Salt range (Khewra Mines) in Pakistan and creates the salt lamps under strict supervision and quality assurances from manufacturers to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. However, as a nature of handcrafted items, each lamp is unique; dimensions, color tint and shapes may vary. 

Safety Packaged: Wrapped with care in PE foam: your salt lamp is sealed and boxed to prevent moisture damage and to protect the lamp from any damage. An amazing decorative gift for all kinds of events like graduations, birthdays, thank-yous, and special occasions.

  • Measurements – Product (cm): H 6 X W 12 X L 12,
  • Measurements – Box (cm): H 7 X W 14 X L 14
  • Weight – Without Box (kg):  1.337 kg
  • Weight – With Box (kg):  1.408  kg

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